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- 2021 -

The formative years of a biologist at “Institutul de Speologie Emil Racoviţă” [Emil Racovitza Institute of Speleology]

Article keywords: Subterranean fauna, Ostracoda, research institute, caves, hyporheal

Article: A brief biographic sketch of the author’s scientific education and the research activities at “Institutul de Speologie EmilRacoviţă” is presented. The text is offered as an homage to the centennial anniversary of this institution with its important contributionto the Romanian cultural activities (1920–2020)

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Contribution à l’étude des Spelaeonethini (Isopoda, Oniscidea, Trichoniscidae)

Article keywords: Isopoda, Oniscidea, Orthogonopoda, Synocheta, Trichoniscidae, Spelaeonethini

Article: Following a brief review of the classification of the family Trichoniscidae Sars, 1899, problems related to the definition of the tribe Spelaeonethini Schmőlzer, 1965 are emphasised. Obvious conflicts between the diagnosis of several genera of the tribe Spelaeonethini are pointed out

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Considerations regarding Hyloniscus inflatus (Isopoda, Oniscidea) – a rare species of Hyloniscus from Romania

Article keywords: Isopoda, Oniscidea, Trichoniscidae, Hyloniscus, Romania

Article: The paper provides a completion of the description of Hyloniscus inflatus given by Verhoeff in 1927The genus Hyloniscusestablished by Karl Verhoeff in 1908 contains 26 species(SCHMALFUSS,2003) which, excepting the expansive speciesHyloniscus riparius, are more or less restricted invarious regions of Eastern and Central Europe (TABACARU,1972)

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The petrified river and the biogeochemical processes that generate this unusual occurence in the karst of the Pădurea Craiului Mountains

Article keywords:Petrifying springs, petrified river, tufa, Padurea Craiului Mountains, water chemistry, microbial content, meiofauna

Article: The petrifying springs with tufa formation are a very rare habitat in Romania, protected under EC Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC), Annex 1: H7220 Petrifying springs with tufa formation. The Petrified River with the two petrifying springs represent a unique occurrence for the Pădurea Craiului Mountains, which recently gained the protected natural area status of county interest

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